17 Unforgettable Photo Moments from 2017

2018, bring on the adventures!! 2017 was full of exploration, discovery, and amazing moments with friends in the beautiful world that we live in. Here are 17 unforgettable photo moments from 2017 that will inspire wanderlust going forward into a new year.

1. Looking out over a glassy blue mirror:

2.Sleeping in a nest of green with the beautiful colours of summer:ย 

3. Crawling up the side of a mountain- you canโ€™t complain about those views:

4. Contemplating a route, surrounded by the forest:

5. Lying in the flowers:

6. When fuzzy peaches saved the day- slogging up an endless but rewarding ridge:

7. Skinny dipping in ice cold waters:

8.One of the best outhouse views Iโ€™ve ever had ๐Ÿ˜‰

9.A hut in the mountain hills, surrounded by larches:

10.Admiring ridgelines:

11. Sketching with tea, overlooking a lake surrounded by mountains.

12. Enjoying the outlines of the Upper Kananaskis shore:

13. The most beautiful pair of lakes:

14. Enjoying the first snowfall of the year on the ridge of Mt Allan.

15. Riding a bike over rolling hills, alone amongst mountains:

16. Enjoying a cold brew on the top of a mountain:


17. Standing mesmerised at the most amazing summit Iโ€™ve been to thus far. And this just the North side ๐Ÿ˜‰


I wish you a year full of exploration, incredible discoveries, and happiness in the great outdoors.

Love, Kate.


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