Grizzly Peak Photo Journal

grizzly peak

This hiking season so far has been fantastic- lots of time peak bagging, exploring new places and getting new recommendations. Grizzly Peak was one of the latest summits, and it was incredible. 360 degree views from the peak revealed incredible mountain ranges, an alpine meadow, lakes and the distant highway below; a sheer drop beneath me.

My friend Amy and I did the hike together, and we definitely took our time. We kept pausing to gape at the view, sniff at wild alpine sage, and take close up photos of wildflowers. We certainly did not come off as hardcore hikers- just delighted instead with the world around us. Amy and I would point out birds flying overhead, compare notes on past hikes and scrambles, and jokingly pretended we were in the world of Lord of the Rings. This landscape completely won me over- it had everything, on the way up and especially at the peak.

A Trail Description

The trail was fairly defined and easy to follow on the way up. The elevation was immediate, but not punishing. In terms of  length, Grizzly Peak is approximately a 6-7 km round trip, with an estimated 870m of elevation gain. It is classified as a scramble, but advanced hikers shouldn’t have a problem with this route. I barely had to use my hands during the ascent. The only time I did was during a final scree slog to the alpine meadow that preceded the summit ridge. I should also mention that the way I took there could’ve been easily avoided by veering to the right. Here there were grassy patches that would have afforded me a better grip with the ground. But where’s the fun in that?

Here are some photos of the journey. I don’t do many hikes twice, but I would love to see the meadow in the heart of summer, covered in flowers. 

Amy admiring the view about an hour into the trek.

Amazing views- can you spot Kananaskis Lakes in the distance?

Wildflowers growing on the mountain- the hike is full of flowers just starting to bloom!

A view of the summit ridge! the alpine meadow is just over the edge…

The meadow- how gorgeous! Such a unique feature so high up. We spent some time here admiring the view and sharing some moon cheese.

From one end of the ridge to the other! the Opal range to the left, Lower Lake in the distance..

The Kananaskis range- looking directly over the summit to the West. Check out those avalanche paths.

The summit cairn from the opposite ridge.

WE LOVE MOUNTAINS!!! (and hiking with friends. and moon cheese and flowers).


What has been one of your favourite hikes to date? Comment below!!
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